Launch A New Idea This Weekend!

Have an idea that you've been procrastinating on launching?

Want to start a new business (even if you don't have ANY ideas right now)?

Join this simple 8-day start-a-business challenge and hold yourself accountable to getting an idea up and running this weekend.

Join the challenge

Crush your entrepreneurial goals by paying a small fee and holding yourself accountable for 8 short and sometimes challenging days.

You'll be partying right alongside a small cohort of other like-minded individuals all working towards the same business goal of launching in one weekend!

Who Should Join The Weekend Launch Party

  • Entrepreneurs & "Wantrepreneurs": Do you work for someone else but have dreams of ditching the 9 to 5 & starting something of your own? Have you been putting off launching because of time issues or a lack of ideas? Let's party!
  • Consultants or freelancers: Are you building someone else's business and tired of watching them reap the rewards of your hard work? Are you simply looking for a second income stream? Or maybe... you're just bored and think being an offer owner would be fun. Let's party!
  • Small business owners: Do you have a core product or service that's doing okay but want to grow with more offers? Or, do you have an idea that falls outside of your core model and aren't sure if you should explore it? Let's party!

Meet Derek, Your Party Coach.

Let me save you YEARS of stress and entrepreneurial struggle...

Launching a new idea or business does not have to be hard.

You've just been using the wrong entrepreneurial model. Let me explain:

About 10 years ago, I was working as a marketing consultant and wanted to learn how to write better ads & sales pages for my clients.

I started Googling around for ways to "learn "copywriting fast".

I eventually stumbled upon an article written by a famous copywriter who described an amazing process for learning copywriting quickly. But there was 1 big problem: his advice was daunting and would require massive amounts of will-power to complete.

I decided to reach out to a few fellow entrepreneur friends and asked them if they'd like to embark on a 30 day learn copywriting challenge with me.

The rest, as they say, is history.

That copywriting challenge ultimately became "CopyHour"... and CopyHour has since morphed into a bigger online education business with thousands of students and millions of dollars in sales.

With CopyHour, I inadvertently ran my very own Weekend Launch Party and created a new & better way of launching businesses.

The Better, Faster & Easier Way To Launch


Typically, finding or picking your niche is the hardest stage. We'll show you how to take the guesswork out of the equation by worrying about the product AFTER you launch.


Congrats! When you have an email list, you have a business.

We'll show you how to get people on an email list with 3 different types of "client attractors".


"Let the market decide what they want". Easy to say, hard to do with traditional surveys. We'll show you the NEW & better way to understand exactly what people want (aka, the product you'll create).

Absolutely No Ideas? Even Better.

Starting from scratch means you won't bring your own biases to the table. When you use the Weekend Launch Party's unique style of launching, you let your customers decide exactly what they want to buy.

How The Challenge Works:


8 Days of Training Videos

Each day you'll login to the group to watch a training video with Derek.


Actionable Tasks To Complete

Each day there will be a short homework assignment to move you closer to launch.


Feedback from the cohort

Connect with other entrepreneurs and freelancers for recommendations and feedback.

Weekend Launch Party Schedule

Monday August 8th - Monday August 15th 2022

Aug 8th - Aug 12th - Week Day Prep

Learn the basics. Pick a general market. Start building your "ideal client attractor" & email follow-ups.

Aug 13th & 14th - Weekend Launch Party!

No more drafts. Hit publish. Launch it. Go! Sip champagne in celebration. 🎉

Aug 15th - Survey Setup & Debrief

Get your 30-second survey ready to go. Sip coffee with Derek and get a quick review of your (now launched) business.

What does the challenge cost?

The challenge is just $95. We need a small barrier to entry to keep out the freebie-seekers, time-wasters & tire-kickers.

The point of this challenge is to put some money on the line so you take action to get a business idea up and ready to test in the real world in just 8 days (instead of the usual 12 months it seems to take most of us to get something rolling).

Ready to start your Weekend Launch Party?

Join the challenge